2W, 1NB
Arguably-agoraphobic video editor Annie finally meets Clara, the #influencer she’s been editing remotely for years. This dark comedic thriller descends deep into Annie’s mind and interrogates the loneliness of living with screens, the implications of being able to edit every aspect of yourself, and what’s “real” in a digital age. 
Crowded Fire Theater: San Francisco, 2023
The VORTEX: Austin, 2022
Eugene O'Neill National Playwrights Conference: Semifinalist  —  Leah Ryan's Fund for Emerging Women Writers: Finalist  —  Neukom Literary Arts Award for Playwriting: Finalist  —  Risk Theatre Modern Tragedy Competition: Semifinalist  —  Austin Film Festival Playwriting Competition: Second Rounder
"a world shattering show" "genius" "a coup de theater" "searing and inventive" "dialogue that feels so fresh and true you think you could overhear it right outside the theater’s walls or mistakenly believe you’ve met the characters before." "a storytelling surprise so chilling you have to redraw your expectations of what humanity is capable of and how low we can sink." "Bay Area Theater's biggest surprise this season"
4W, 2M, 1NB
Eleanor and Bartholomew work at the glass factory by day and set off fireworks by night. But when a new labor bill threatens to destroy their status quo and a group of revolutionaries come calling, they must decide just how much they're willing to sacrifice in order to preserve the life that's slowly killing them. A contemporarily old-timey, tragicomic heist play about labor, exploitation, and our inexplicable addiction to capitalism.
Workshop & Reading, UVA Wise, directed by Kate Kremer
Letter of Marque Ensemble Playwright Lab Residency
Fault Line Theatre Irons in the Fire: Finalist  —  Seven Devils Playwriting Competition: Semifinalist  —  Risk Theatre Modern Tragedy Competition: Semifinalist
Alpha, Beta, and Omega live in a box in a basement. They take the cargo elevator to their many, many jobs. They pray to be Selected. An absurdist dystopian physical comedy about hustle culture, the ways that femme people cultivate humanity under inhumane circumstances, and the Deus we don't expect Ex Machina.
New Perspectives Theatre Short Play Festival
New Perspectives Theatre WWP Short Play Lab
(in development)
A bloody penthouse on the Upper East Side. Four wives and an outsider, known only by number. Spaghettification. A murder mystery about absurd wealth, the boundaries we draw around finance and romance, and what trauma does to the brain.
Letter of Marque Ensemble Playwright Lab Residency
film writing
Anything Valuableshort film // post-apocalyptic thriller
A stoic widow and an eager polymath must traverse post-apocalyptic upstate New York to retrieve invaluable data from a mysterious motel. Along the way, they are forced to choose what from their pasts to keep carrying, and what to leave behind.
Development: Through Her Lens: The Tribeca Chanel Women's Filmmaker Program
Status: In pre-production. Filming winter 2021. Directed by Annalise Lockhart, Cinematography by Zebediah Smith.

Kinfeature // speculative fiction action
In 2025, a soldier captures her brother as a POW at the height of the New American Civil War. She must extract information from him, while deciding if his past crimes merit the seizure of his future.
Development: Eastern Frontier Society Residency June 2021 / Filmshop Fall 2021
Been So Goodshort film // sad comedy
A now-period piece (sans masks) about running into your successful ex on the subway. A meditation on being heartbroken and calling yourself an artist in New York.
Status: In post-production. Directed by Annalise Lockhart, Cinematography by Zebediah Smith, Starring Toby Onwumere.

Mavenpilot // half hour dark comedy
When self-taught filmmaker Kel finesses her way out of catering and into the wedding videography company of two film bros, she must prove she deserves to be there--and decide whether or not to All About Eve these suckers.
Recognition: Sony Gemstone Studios Rising Storytellers Search semifinalist